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Veloce Capital is a full-service investment firm focused on alternative assets backed by real estate.
We originate and manage real estate investment opportunities.  We work with Institutional, various business owners, and high net worth partner investors to join us in these investments.
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Veloce Capital Background

Core Focus

  • Preservation of Capital

  • High-Yielding Returns

  • Tax Protection

  • Portfolio Diversity

  • Flexible Investing


Our core focus is to source, analyze, and make investments in opportunistic and distressed real estate that offers the potential for growth, capital appreciation, and the preservation of principal. 

Veloce Capital seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition, redevelopment, and development of high-quality, well-located real estate that has targeted high-yielding returns. 

Investment Philosophy

Veloce Capital's investment strategy focuses on real-estate collateral in an effort to seek an attractive risk and return profile.
We have extensive experience in structuring and financing complex real estate transactions. Our long history of delivering consistent profits for our investors has been based on the principle of hands-on entrepreneurship, institutional execution, and data-driven analysis.
Leveraging the extensive experience of its team, the firm invests in opportunistic real estate projects that seek to revitalize under-developed urban and opportunity zones markets across the United States.
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Veloce Capital

Veloce Capital's approach ensures each fund manager is responsible for their investments from sourcing through disposition. This approach provides higher accountability and better alignment of interests between the company and its investors to complement our highly transparent engagement with our pool of investors.
Our sourcing strategy leverages an expansive partner network of high-return real estate projects supporting our main fund. We have access to a robust pipeline of lightly marketed and off-market investment opportunities, enabling tactical allocation of capital in different areas across the U.S.
In a market that is highly competitive, the need for speed is paramount. Veloce Capital keeps a flat and nimble organizational structure to enable transactional efficiency with the flexibility of investor interest.  Together with our operations partners, Veloce Capital focuses on capital retention leveraging a highly secured process, and offering our investors portfolio growth with a safe alternative to traditional investing.