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Variety of options for all investors!

Veloce Capital delivers better ways to invest with options that fit your interest. 

Our clients represent various investor types that range from those exploring new options and retirement-focused to institutional savvy investors. 

We help in diversifying and enhancing financial portfolios for every investor through our secured high-yielding investments. 

Please contact us for more information, or check out our investment options based on your investment interests below.

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Looking to explore new investment options?

Veloce Capital's portfolio of high-yielding alternatives provides investors with new ways to invest outside traditional or stocks and bonds investments.


Veloce Capital has alternative options to enhance financial portfolios through diversification for savvy or accredited investors.

Our secured system provides experienced and institutional investors access to various offerings with a platform exhibiting performance in real-time.


Investing in the future has many options.  Veloce Capital's retirement-focused investment structure provides those with 401k and IRAs with new ways to invest.

Our integrated portfolio for Self-Directed IRA investors provides access to high-yielding returns.