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Deby Fund



Multifamily Debt Fund

The fund focuses on cash flow generation through an evergreen real estate-backed investment strategy that offers alternative investing targeting high-yielding returns.  Investors seeking new options outside of traditional markets (stocks/bonds) while mitigating volatility with flexible pay outs have a new opportunity to diversify with Veloce Capital's Multifamily Debt Fund.

This fund is part of our overall Reg-D structure. See Reg-D definition here.


Multifamily Equity Fund

Veloce's private real estate equity fund optimizes our continuous pipeline of real estate assets through an evergreen profit-sharing investment.  Historically, the high-yielding double-digit annual return on this investment fund offers ongoing performance outside of stocks and bonds with the preservation of capital and stability at its core.

This fund is part of our overall Reg-D structure. See Reg-D definition here.


Subscription Fund

Most providers work exclusively with accredited investors.  Veloce Capital opens its doors to not only accredited investors and those who are exploring new options as non-accredited investors through to those looking to optimize retirement portfolios and institutional highly-credited investors.  We have an investment solution for everyone.

Through our subscription agreement, anyone can "Invest Now" via our registration portal.  Once approved, investors gain access to a full portfolio of investments and have the same client opportunities to receive exclusive offerings through our client portal.

This fund is part of our overall Reg-A structure. See Reg-A definition here.


Single-Deal Syndication

Veloce Capital’s single-deal investments are syndicated investment properties that investors have as an option to invest in a specific property with detailed hold periods.  Historically, such investments have targeted IRRs ranging from 25 - 30%, with terms averaging 24 to 36 months.

Clients receive exclusive pre-public offerings to invest.    

This fund is part of our overall Reg-D structure. See Reg-D definition here.

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