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Delivering More Ways To Invest

Veloce Capital's investment strategy leverages secondary and tertiary real estate markets to seek an attractive risk and return profile for an array of investors.

Our history of delivering consistent profits for our investors has been based on the principle of hands-on entrepreneurship, institutional execution, and data-driven analysis.

We seek to generate high-yielding returns through collateralized real estate, redevelopment, and CO-GP opportunities utilizing our extensive experience in structuring and financing complex real estate transactions.

Modern House
Housing Development
Multifamily Development
Why Veloce Capital

Veloce Capital

Our sourcing strategy has an expansive partner network of high-return-focused real estate assets. We have access to a robust pipeline of lightly marketed and off-market investment opportunities, enabling tactical capital allocation in different areas across the U.S.

In a highly competitive market, the need for speed is paramount. Veloce Capital keeps a flat and agile organizational structure to enable transactional efficiency with the flexibility of investor interest. Together with our operations partners, Veloce Capital focuses on capital retention and offers our investors portfolio growth with a safe alternative to traditional investing.

Veloce Capital continues to grow by offering diversified investments across private equity, debt, and other structures for both accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to optimize portfolios.


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