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So, you’re interested in real estate investing? But how does real estate investment work for you if you have little to no time to manage it yourself?

Here’s how real estate investment does the work for you and allows you to be hands-off while still putting money in your pocket.

Passive Income

Like many individuals who want to grow wealth and have extra cash flow, creating passive income is a high priority. Real estate investment is just another stream of passive income that grows over time. It builds up value over time, whether you’re updating interiors or adding more tenants to your property, you’ll make money while you sleep instead of working hands-on within your properties.

Depreciation Write-Offs

Although depreciation might sound scary, real estate depreciation is actually a benefit. Depreciation is a tax term that describes how you can write-off some value of your property every year. By using depreciation to your advantage, you’ll have significantly less tax burden on the money you make off your property allowing you to, in some cases, avoid taxes altogether.

Stagnant Overhead Costs

You might think there are extravagant overhead costs when you invest in real estate, but the truth is that your overhead will stay relatively the same as you manage and invest in a property. This is not only ideal because you know exactly how much and when you’ll be paying these costs, but you will also be able to set your tenant rates high enough to take care of these costs without any extra payments from you if done right!

Tenant Pay

When you invest in real estate, especially residential, you’ll find that your tenant pay is usually enough to cover the bill on your real estate loan. The longer you have tenants paying rent, you’ll find that more and more of your loan payments are going towards principle and not just the interest. After some time has passed, you’ll not only be making headway on your loan and interest, but also be stacking cash in your bank account, too.

Trade Money for Real Estate

As the trends have shown for decades and decades, money devalues over time while property value increases. Sure, having a lot of money in your account is nice, but why let your money sit and devalue when it could be growing even more wealth in real estate?

Inflation determines that the value of our money is less and less as the years go on, so it’s important to have some of your money invested in services, goods, products, or property to keep your wealth increasing instead of fluctuating with the current market.

Are You Ready to Make Real Estate Investment Work for You?

If you’re ready to start investing in real estate but don’t know where to start, there’s good news for you! Veloce Capital is one of the leading real estate investment firms that works with accredited investors to find the best real estate opportunities to invest in.

We focus on asset-funded investments and work with investors who want to grow their money into something great. Did I mention we guarantee your original investment, no matter what happens?

If you’re ready to invest speak with our investor relations specialist today to learn more about how we can help you find the best investments to grow your wealth.

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