The Veloce Capital Difference

Meet The Team

Sajjad Ladha


Sajjad Ladha is one of the founders of Veloce Capital. His role is instrumental in directing Veloce Capital to ensure profitability and in new capital raises.


In addition to supporting US operations, Sajjad also heads Veloce Capital's international business. Having experience running companies in England, Tanzania, and Montenegro facilitates the companies global reach.


Sajjad's passion projects include establishing and running food banks, socially uplifting communities by financing need-based projects, and building vocational and training institutions in developing countries.

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Surf Dinani

Chief Executive Officer

Surf has over 10 years of experience in real estate investments, development, and financing (equity, mezzanine, specialty financing), predominantly in Opportunity Zones and the revitalization of distressed real estate. Surf is involved in all aspects of the company’s leadership, from acquisition and structuring transactions.

Prior to Veloce Capital, Surf managed multiple holding companies where he participated as either equity, debt, or as a joint venture partner in the development and management of over $600M real estate investment properties across the United States.

His primary expertise resides in structuring complicated transactions and has oversight across all investments to expedient execution. Surf’s access to capital sources and extensive experience to source and offer investments to developers and accredited investors provides the opportunity for superior risk-adjusted returns.

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Ryan Yates

Director of Finance and Compliance

Ryan has over 10 years of investment accounting and compliance experience having worked at several firms in and around the greater New York City area.


He is involved in managing the firm's books and records, as well as, handling compliance-related functions.


Prior to joining Veloce Capital, Ryan worked as a Vice President/Accounting Manager at multiple fund administrators including; Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Citi Hedge Fund Services. Ryan has also worked at several small alternative investment firms handling the accounting and compliance functions.

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Mustafa Ladha

Vice President of Business Development

Mustafa is a strategic planner with strong interpersonal skills and a keen eye towards identifying growth opportunities. He leverages ten years of experience in real estate to augment investors’ access to real estate investment options.


Mustafa streamlines the investment process, providing accredited and non-accredited investors access to real estate investment options via their retirement and non-retirement funds. He diversifies clients’ portfolios, giving them exposure to real estate, and optimizes overall portfolio performance.


Prior to Veloce Capital, Mustafa co-founded Realty Mercato, where he used his real estate knowledge and business acumen to grow investor portfolios.

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A R Mooney

Investor Relations

AR Mooney is a highly motivated and dedicated business development professional with over 30 years of experience in leveraging a diverse set of real estate investment options.  His significant experience in leading accounts across all aspects of investor relations complements his core focus on broadening Veloce Capital's global of institutional and high-net-worth individuals.

Mooney's accomplishments in raising capital and managing investor relations are supported by providing capital market insight, investment management details, and optimizing client portfolios in real estate investment structures. Globally, AR Mooney's transactions have netted over $60MM in India, the UAE (Dubai), and the United States combined for more than 1,100 clients.

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Ed Shamlian

Vice President Equity

Ed has over 15 years of experience in investment management and financial services industries with direct client interaction with equities, annuities, funds, fixed income, and most importantly, real estate financial instruments.


In addition to providing his highly personalize one-on-one investor service, Edward excels in helping clients with investment allocation and portfolio enhancements at Veloce Capital.

Before joining Veloce Capital, Edward's breadth of experience spans various financial firms like Ladenburg Thalmann, MetLife, and Mass Mutual Financial Group.

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Jaclyn Cetrulo

Investor Relations

Jaclyn is a seasoned investor relations professional with over ten years of dynamic account management experience. Prior to joining Veloce Capital, Jaclyn managed national client investors in raising over $38MM of capital in a Reg D Private Placement Offering within the Real Estate Development Industry.


Jaclyn is an accomplished relationship builder who communicates various offerings and opportunities through personalized contact to convey financial options suited to each investor. Daily, Jaclyn evaluates, analyzes, and details various deal offerings originating from Veloce Capital’s debt, equity, and syndication investment offerings.

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Frank Pluchino

Investor Relations

Frank has over five years of Private Real Estate investment experience and specializes in investor relations. At Veloce Capital, Frank provides new investment offerings and options to help clients and prospective investors make informed decisions by providing qualitative information on the company’s investment philosophy and business model.


Prior to joining Veloce Capital, Frank worked directly with clients providing personalized service for four years in the Private Wealth sector. In addition, Frank has over $25M in sales volume as an active real estate broker. Frank is a Rutgers Business School graduate with a B.S. in Finance.

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Jodie Nichols


Jodie has over 15 years of real estate investment experience in sales and business development for various asset classes. As VP of Acquisitions, Jodie creates a robust real estate development chain to ensure all projects are financed and have proper underwriting across multiple concurrent projects nationally.

Working alongside investors, developers, agents, and a host of connected real estate professionals, Jodie has amassed a massive network throughout the tri-state region to manage deals through to close.

Before joining Veloce Capital, Jodie was the Founder and SEO of JF Property Solutions, specializing in wholesale residential and commercial real estate while managing New Jersey and Pennsylvania's investment properties.

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Giselle Cintron


Giselle has over 5 years of marketing, brand management, and business administrative experience, including an administrative role in a wealth management firm and a prior marketing role at a leading national distributor and manufacturer.


Prior to Veloce Capital, Giselle was Client Relations and Marketing Manager at Park Rock Capital, where she originated commercial real estate deals and managed marketing and social media campaigns, along with industry events.


With her dedicated team, Giselle shows great leadership and consistently implements innovative ideas to the management team at Veloce Capital to expand its reach in finding new acquisitions and investors.

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Mallely Salazar


With more than 5 years of experience in the hospitality, entertainment, and real estate industries,  Mallely has a proven track record of senior-level executive support, management, and training.


She has a strong ability to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and foster professional relationships.


Malley's philosophy centers around what role she can play in helping others find solutions and improving the company’s morale and bottom line. Malley also supports all logistical facets of executive engagements and business development.

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Karina Pena


Karina is an ambitious compliance specialist who supports our operations team and investors at Veloce Capital.


Karina is a focal point for client relations for onboarding new investors while monitoring investment activity and providing updates through our investor portal.


Karina brings more than ten years of experience in client relations with a core focus on assisting in every phase of compliance and client relations through effectively managing all facets of a personalized and secured investor relations system.

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